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Flat fee for standard recruitment services

At Cage and Co we believe transparency is key in forming long term business relationships. Our flat fees are competitive and take out all the unnecessary costs of filling your vacancies. All necessary testing required for roles is also undertaken by us with a r Please contact us for further Information. The flat fee price list is not an exhaustive list of all services. Our tailored partnership and training services are determined after consultation.

$1500 + GST

BDM and Senior Executive Roles

$1500 + GST

E-Commerce Management Roles

$1000 + GST

Marketing Management and Digital Marketing Management Roles

$750 + GST

Digital Marketing and Marketing Assistant Roles

$500 + GST

Administration Assistant Roles

Support Worker Applicant screening, interviewing and job matching

$4000 + GST

Group Interviews

$1500 + GST

Administration and Office Management Roles

$550 + GST

Price on Enquiry

Health sector applicant screening, interviewing and job matching

Training and partnering for upskilling

$150-$250 (Depending on Course)


$650 + GST

Account Management Roles

$800​ + GST

State Management and Regional Multi Site Management Roles

$650 + GST

Area Management Roles

$1500 + GST

National Management Roles

$450 + GST

Store Management Roles

$300 + GST

Retail Assistant Roles

$5500 +GST

Accounting and Finance Roles

$7500+ GST

General Management and CEO Roles

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