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We provide a range of Career support and Recruitment Services for companies to focus on growing their business and for job seekers to increase their chances of being hired.



A tailored Partnership to achieve your business goals

We partner with many organisations and tailor our services to meet their recruitment needs. We take care of all hiring services from advertising, screening and the interview process. We also provide Performance Appraisal support within the first 12 months of hiring our candidates. Our aim is to tailor the needs of our clients via our recruitment partnership service. Contact us for a consultation.

Therapy Session


 We take care of the candidate screening and filling of your vacancies for a competitive flat fee.

We help a vast range of businesses across many industry sectors in filling their vacancies. We have a large talent pool of candidates that we screen and reference check ready to be interviewed. If we don't have someone suitable we will advertise your vacancy and provide you with only the best applicants for your role. Get in touch with us so that we can focus on speeding up the recruitment process and you can focus on growing your business. Find out about our flat fee for service.

Fundraising Opportunities


We provide sales and training to support your team building and increase your sales revenue.

Our expert training consultants will support your business with training sessions and seminars so that your employees are constantly evolving and motivated to achieve their KPIS. Enquire about our various training and sales support services. A fee is determined depending on the needs of each business.

Business Meeting


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This service is geared towards our Job Seekers who are passionate about working for a particular company or have a set role in mind. We reach out to your desired workplace and help you land your role. Get in touch with us.

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Increase your network so that you can stand out among the crowd

This is a tailored service to help you build your career profile and improve your career network so that you can increase your interview opportunities. Click on the contact us button, download our Linkedin Checklist or book in for a Linkedin Profile Re-build. Cost of Service: $150 + GST

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Curriculum Vitae


Stand out with the Right Resume and Profile

This is a tailored service to help you build your resume and nail a job interview. We also help support you with building your Linkedin Profile as well. Download our checklists or call us to update your resume and profile at an affordable fee. Click on the Get in touch button or phone us to book in for our Resume/Profile support Service. Fee: $200+GST

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