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One of the most difficult things to achieve when going on Holidays is the ability to disconnect from our work. We all plan to switch off and look forward to the "me time" or "family time" but our internal thoughts on our work sometimes get in the way. Our down time can often be interrupted by random email checks in the late evenings or mornings. Here are some helpful tips below:

  1. SCHEDULE AND PLAN: Develop a disconnection plan and share it with co-workers: Its not always 100% realistic for you to switch off while out of the office however developing a plan for how you will check in on your e-mails or colleagues will help you achieve a "disconnect". Determine what works for you- Is it setting aside an hour every week to check in or a few days before you return back to work? This will allow you to to have quality time away as well as ensure you are checking in with things so that you can be more effective upon your return back to work. Remember-no matter what your plan is you deserve the time off. Make sure to communicate to your team members this is your time off and let them know your dates you will be available if any at all. Your checking in dates may simply be just to check on e-mails and have no communication with your colleagues at all. whatever the plan share the ground rules for your holiday time and stick to it..

  2. PREPARE TO UNWIND: Start the "winding down" process a few days earlier or a week earlier. If you have quite a few unfinished projects it is so much harder to disconnect. Try to prepare your work environment for your departure in advance. Assign key tasks to your colleagues and set out a plan for wrapping up key tasks. Prepare your key clients and colleagues for your time away. Set up a buddy system and create specific plans for another colleague to take ownership of your tasks and "trust" that they will perform well.

  3. WRAP IT UP: Set up a "wrap up" and "preparation" call a few days before going on leave. Communication to your colleagues is "THE KEY" to a successful disconnection. A final conference call or meeting is vital in communicating who is in charge while you are away and what the expectations are. Informing your team of the results of the business, what key tasks with a timeline you expect them to complete as well as key contacts in your absence. Leaving clear instructions with expectations mean that you trust in your teams ability to complete these tasks and nothing will be left unfinished or clients left without solutions in your absence. Make sure to share you holiday plans with your team at the end of the conference call or meeting ending the meeting on a light note. This allows you to connect with your team in a more personal way.

  4. DON'T SET WORK GOALS ON YOUR HOLIDAY: Avoid setting WORK GOALS On your break. Set these before going on break. If you set these on your holiday this can often lead to "DOING" so "DONT". The only goals you should be setting are personal goals or health goals. REST the mind and the BODY- in order to disconnect.

  5. DON'T TALK ABOUT WORK:While its good to talk about the things that cause you stress talking about work related problems can cause negativity and stir emotions that cause stress and tension.Try to limit these conversations or simply shut them down.

  6. GRATITUDE: Practicing gratitude Daily no matter how small goes a long way in increasing personal well being. Its so easy to focus on the negative and all the things we don't have but when do we ever just pause and be grateful. Take a small moment in each day for even your smallest of wins and just smile and be grateful. Roster GRATITUDE into your daily routine even when on break. This might be when you wake up and are still in bed, or after a work our or morning walk or yoga, or with your morning coffee. Remind your self each day "today I am grateful for.....and smile.

  7. DON'T TAKE LIFE OR YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY: Disconnecting isn't going to cause your business or your work to fall apart without you. Do not flatter yourself things keep on rolling without you. Running yourself to the ground isn't goof for you, your team, family or your business. If you implement some of these tips above and plan appropriately to take the time off then nothing will fall apart without you. All that will happen is that you will return to work refreshed and revived ready to kick some serious goals.Enjoy the tine off you have as when you return to the grind it will all seem like a distant memory. Whatever you love to do then just do it-take the walk on the beach, hike and be among nature, go for your daily swim-whatever you do -do it and actually "be" in that moment.

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