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Excel In Your Career with these 8 tips

Tips on excelling in your career no matter what your role at work is:

  1. You can do "anything" with a positive attitude than with a "negative" attitude. You are not always going to love the task you have been assigned. Not every assignment or day will be smooth. How you approach it however will drive the overall outcome and will indicate your attitude in overcoming obstacles. A "positive" approach will always be welcome over a "negative" one.

  2. "Be tenacious, persistent and Driven" - This is the key to being noticed. You don't have to be the best or most talented in your field- you will develop your skills however not giving up on your goals and having a defined vision of what you want to achieve is incomparable.

  3. "Ask for Help" - Do not mistake this as a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. Overcommitting and underdelivering is far worse and will not excel your career.

  4. Refuse to "accept no"- You will hear "NO" many times in your career before you hear "yes". Perserverance is the key to being noticed and to your success. This is will set you apart from everyone else in the long run.

  5. "Share your Ideas- There is never an ideal time to share your ideas. Don't second guess yourself. Opportunities to excel will often pass you by when you withhold your ideas. Make sure they are well thought out and have a strategy and outcomes highlighting why your ideas will benefit the organisation.

  6. Network- Having a strong network add value to you as an employee and gets you noticed. The more people at work you reach out to the more valuable you will be. It also allows you to work more efficiently and with stronger outcomes.

  7. Actions speak louder than words- Always DO what you will SAY you will do.

  8. Be nice to people- Work hard and be kind. Nobody ever excelled in their career by being rude or arrogant no matter how talented they were.

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