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How to nail your next remote interview

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

It is no surprise that the Global Pandemic has created a rise in remote interviews, offering businesses a safe way of hiring and scaling their teams back. Even before the Global Pandemic remote interviews were becoming increasingly popular as part of the screening process. Now this trend has skyrocketed in popularity and effective in final stage interviews.

So I have some very simple tips for you to "Nail it"

1. Prepare for the Remote Interview

Research the company

Plan your Outfit

Prepare for interview questions

Come up with different ways of responding to different workplace scenarios

Make a list fo questions you have for the interviewer- re the role, the company etc

Prepare different ways you can use technology when interviewing such as presentations, examples of projects, awards you can share on a split screen.

Test your devices before the interview to ensure you are ready and waiting just as you would if you were attending business premises in a traditional interview.

If your interviewer is running late and you are concerned send an email or message to let them know you are ready and waiting.

If the remote interview is on zoom -you may be able to wait in the waiting room.

2. Your remote interview set up

What will the interviewer see when they video call you? Remove any background distractions, re-arrange some items so that your space appears decluttered and inviting. It might also be a good idea to remove any pets. :)

You may want to consider choosing a neutral background space to save yourself the anxiety in re-designing your space. Some video software enables this.

Consider Natural light - This should not come in behind you as this will cast shadows making it difficult to see your face properly.

Do not use a smart phone if you can avoid it- as it usually won't be at the right height for the video call. If you cannot avoid this ensure you have it set up before hand leaning against something quite firmly and test the height.

3. What to wear to a remote interview

We have all hear those embarrassing stories of people wearing professional upper attire with casual bottom halves or just underwear only to be caught getting up without thinking. Interviewers may ask you to stand up so do not slacken your professional attire.

You want to set a good example of your dress standards so ensure you are polished and dressed professionally. A professional dress standard will create the mind -set of a successful interview.

Even if the interviewer has recommended casual attire ensure you are dressed in a smart casual way with a blazer.

4. Keep Eye Contact

A common issue with video calls is our constant urge to look at ourselves on the camera of our lap top thinking about our hair and spending time looking at ourselves rather than being focused on the interviewer and presenting ourselves in the best way possible.

Make a point of looking just above the camera on the screen while being interviewed and then we will be less distracted with our appearance and more focused on our answers.

Always place our lap top on a raised book to ensure the height of the lap top is perfect and that we are not looking down at the interviewer.

5. Body Language

A limiting factor of remote interviews is that our body language needs to be minimised- so that we are not moving around a lot as we normally would. Instead nod to show you are listening and make sure you often smile to show the interviewer you are paying attention and interested in what they are saying.

These 5 simple tips will help you remain calm in a remote interview and ensure you present yourself in the best possible way to your interviewer. Always finish the interview by asking the interviewer questions about the role and company and thank them for the opportunity to be interviewed.

Good luck in your next remote interview... Anastasia

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