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Tips for strong leadership in 2020

More than ever strong leadership in 2020 is even more challenging. Everyones focus on COVID 19 has made it difficult to keep the momentum going at work. Employees are struggling to balance their personal work balance, you and them are faced with meeting deadlines from home with others in your household home learning or in the same position.

Tough decisions are imminent, mistakes are happening, you are swamped with deadlines and your company may be facing changes and obstacles however there are some tips for you to continue to be a strong leader for your team. No matter what your leadership role in 2020 here are some tips:

  1. Show kindness and empathy- you want your team to feel heard and you want to help them balance all the challenges of remote working.

  2. Remain connected and engaged- Aside from the weekly zoom meetings and regular face time calls create engagement workshops for your team to get together and and keep learning via guest speakers or training forums.

  3. Keep the social engagement alive- Create monthly virtual catch up over wine and watch, or relaxation virtual social sessions. These help you to remain connected with your team .

  4. Keep providing feedback and results to your team individually and as a whole.

  5. Keep the company vision alive by remaining on course no matter the challenge.

  6. Keep learning and show your team you are not perfect but that with resilience and their support you will overcome all challenges.

  7. Be humble and hare you wins with all those you inspire.

  8. Work on your own flaws and seek to improve them so that you can be a better leader.

  9. Take time out of your schedule to balance your own challenges in 2020. A reflection block out of your schedule allows you to better plan and organise for the success of your organisation.

  10. Lastly- Excellence is shown by example. Lead the way by showing your team you are working right beside them even if remotely by striving towards the same goals and ensuring they are achieved. Show them you are accountable just as they are and by working on the company goals together your resilience will guide them through.

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